"While we tend to think it is our capacity for abstract reasoning that is responsible for Homo Sapiens’ dominating the planet, there is an increasing evidence that our dominance as a species may be attributable to our ability to think socially (…) Even though social reasoning feels like other kind of reasoning, the neural systems that handle social and non social reasoning are quite distinct, and literally operate at odds with each other much of the time"

(Matthew Lieberman, Social: Why Our Brains Are Wired To Connect)​


taking coaching at new LEVELS

The latest findings in the field of social and cognitive neurosciences, show that our brain is mainly a social organ that bases most of the choices and decisions on instinct and intuition, in order to safeguard the survival of individuals and species.

Built on these findings, Neuro Coaching is a new model of coaching which uses a conversational approach that helps individuals, teams and organizations to identify and unleash their most relevant potentials and express them concretely and effectively. 

The peculiar conversational structure between the Coach and the Client, activates different functional brain areas (the paleocortex for instinct, the limbic system for emotions, the neocortex for rationality) and allows individuals and groups to effectively respond to the changes required by our current reality:

  • Adaptability to unexpected changes of scenario.
  • Speed ​​in responding to internal and external stimuli.
  • Empowerment of individual and group performances.
  • Maximization of the benefits arising from the interaction with others.
  • Development of self-awareness  while we are acting


The fully customized Neuro Coaching paths, help clients to find effective solutions to complex situations, to activate change in static contexts, to manage multidimensional systems with clarity and open mind, as they have been built on 6 key brain capabilities:


Read others’ intentions

At the base of our specie’s evolution there is the capability of a part of our brain (the amygdale) to read the intentions of others and to generate a reaction of attack (rare) or escape (more frequent), accordingly. Originated from the Coach’s “pure intentions”, the powerful questions used in the Neuro Coaching process, prevent the client to perceive any threats and unleash their inner potentials.

Foresee the "future perfect"

Our brain is extremely keen to foresee itself "safe and sound" in the future. Living any condition of uncertainty as a dangerous threat, our brain loses clarity and make confuse choices. In the Neuro Coaching process, the client is guided to identify individual development goals as “a state achieved” and each step is designed to stimulate the client’s brain to activate all the energies required to transform an objective into a solid reality.

Activate mirror neurons

Recent studies carried on with the fMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) demonstrated that in our brain specific motor and sensory areas get activated, both when we personally behave and when we observe others behaving. The meticulous and scientifically driven conversation of Neuro Coaching, activates the mirror neuron system, which is the basis of social development, evolution and learning.

Growing by interacting

A truth, as well as a problem, never belong to an individual. They can be found in between the interpersonal relations, only if any biases or pre-judgments are previously eliminated. By fully stimulating the expression of the brain’s natural characteristics, the Neuro Coaching activates a strong sense of social awareness and eliminates the biases that prevent the relationships to be really effective.

Integrating emotions and rationality

Differently from the past, today our brain lives a continuous state of “social alert” and cognitive hypersensitivity. Consequently, it protects itself entering a sort of “vigilant anesthesia”, reducing the reactivity to various events, and suffering an increasingly poor evolutionary thrust. The Neuro Coaching conversation is structured to harmonize the different states of consciousness and facilitate the development of a full and aware personal and professional life.

Acting consciously

Not always an increase in awareness can make us happy. On the contrary, an expanded perception of the reality, may increase the sense of heaviness and generate a “hyper-sense” of responsibility. The Neuro Coaching practice helps the individual (or the team) to concentrate on both benefits and values they can gain from their own full self-realization.